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Fancy a coffee and a chat?

After almost five years building my business, I’ve succumbed to the marketer’s and design agency’s dream and have undertaken a full scale re-branding of my offering.

The timing is right. In the last few months of 16/17 the bulk of my earnings have come from a highly successful partnership, on a number of projects, with a Cardiff based Web Design & Animation Agency, Jammy Custard

Working with them on websites and video scripts for small and medium sized businesses and for larger national corporations has provided an opportunity to have a wider role, analysing and scoping out a project, than I had typically done previously and this has been hugely rewarding work.

I have no intention of abandoning my core client base, which is Sole Traders and SME’s, many of which have supported me as my business has developed and with whom and to whom I’m always able to establish a sound working rapport and offer a competitively priced service.

However, as I move onward and upwards I’m keen to expand my portfolio with a larger slice of agency work. There are lots of different names for the kind of businesses I’m now looking to work with: Creative Agencies, Marketing & Advertising agencies, Design & Development Agencies etc, but essentially for me it’s about finding businesses who are looking to offer their client the best and who want to work with an imaginative copywriter, capable of both blending in to their team and bringing some dynamism to the table.

If you have links to such businesses in South Wales or the West of England and especially in or around Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea and Gloucester, please have a look round my website, review the testimonials previous clients have kindly submitted and, if you like what you see, please refer me on. I’ll be happy to meet up with people with no obligation or undertaking on the table, just for a coffee and a chat.

My previous business title, Smarter Words, will be consigned to history. It’s served me well, but it’s time to stand on my own two feet and, following the re-branding, I will be marketing my writing services under my own name, coupled with a simple statement as to what I do. Initially there won’t be a logo, despite my efforts to persuade the team to add some pink and gold somewhere. NO! they said (indeed, “chorused” would be a better description of the response – No, no, no…Mama Mia!). I trust them and think they were right, so I’m simply:

Robert Lang – The Copywriter

2017/18 is quite a year to look forward to.Give me a shout. Let’s grab a coffee and chat soon.


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