Increasingly, I’m finding my involvement on Social Media Networks, which I have hitherto thoroughly enjoyed, to be a dissatisfying experience.

I’m not sure whether the dilemma I’m facing has more to do with the changing nature of internet interaction or is chiefly resultant from the highly polarised opinions people have taken over some recent issues, specifically Brexit and the US Presidential elections. I suspect it’s a combination of both.

The thing that’s bothering me is not that such and such a person may take a different view to my own, nor that they may choose to air their opinions online; it is certainly not for me to tell anyone else how to behave or what to post and I’m aware that some of my own posts have, in he past, been contentious or upsetting to others. They have, however, so far as I can recall, always been on my own timeline or page and happily it has been an infrequent occurrence that a difference of opinion has led to my, for example, deciding to unfriend or unfollow someone.

I believe I am reasonably tolerant of others views when they differ from my own and I’m certainly conscious of seeking to understand an opposing argument, particularly if I’m considering engaging in a discussion in a Group environment, which I can foresee is most likely going to become a debate. Debates can be healthy, but increasingly it seems they are not.

What’s bothering me is that more and more people seem incapable of understanding the nature of a debate, i.e – the respectful give and take – with the view being taken by a vocal minority that, no matter what the issue to hand, they are necessarily right and only their view counts.

Here’s the thing – it’s unlikely that any of us is ever going to be 100% right in our views, especially when the argument concerns issues, as it often does on Social Media platforms, of which we are necessarily largely ignorant. The best we can do is state our case well and then allow others room to state theirs. If there’s no middle ground to be found, agree to differ, but please: don’t tell me you are right because you are right, because you are right. That’s just nonsense and utterly irrational.

Feel free to disagree or take issue with this post if you think my perception of things might be misplaced….


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