Of Cabbages and Kings and other good things

I’ve written content for a myriad of different businesses and for varying reasons, including a poem about Cabbage Patch Dolls, Ninja Turtles and other toys, to advertise an 80s & 90s Toys fair; drafting Point of Sale packaging literature to help promote a new range of upmarket baby blankets and fully re-writing the carols We Three Kings and Good King Wenceslas for clients’ December Blog posts. Whilst relishing the multiple challenges that working as a copywriter throws up, my skills have chiefly been honed in four areas, where I now provide consistently imaginative and entertaining writing that offers exceptional value to my clients

Website Content

Amazing pages of engaging words

Truly good website content helps you engage with your market successfully. It should explain your business clearly, but also in seeking to target the right clients for you, it must be engaging and memorable. I produce clear, sharp and incisive website content to a brief we discuss and agree beforehand. I understand that the content must work together with the design and navigation of your website and must be composed in a fashion that draws the site visitor in, keeps them on the page and induces them to take action.

Now, you may be thinking: that’s all well and good, but it’s not rocket science. However,neither is it always straightforward. I feel it is vital to take some time to fully understand a business and, crucially, the direction it wants to go in, to be then able to craft content that

  • supports the business branding fully,
  • is well structured in terms of it’s appearance on the page and
  • is enticing to the reader.

It’s not just clever words. It’s much more to do with their value – why they are there and how they’re used to the best effect.

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Showing you off at your best

I enjoy drafting blogs for a wide variety of businesses and will continue to do so

However, I’ve developed a specialism in writing blogs for clients in the Financial and Property Sectors and am keen to expand that portfolio to also write for those working in HR, Legal Services, Business Training & Consultancy and any other Professional Services.

I get under the skin of what may sometimes be perceived by the public as grey or somehow remote or aloof occupations and reveal a personable and diverse character to a business that belies such stereotypes and introduces practitioners who are entirely approachable, genuinely wonderful at what they do and actively interested in their clients.

I offer an introductory post as a sample of my work, without obligation, for a one off fee, and contracts thereafter for regular blogs on a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis – always delivering kick-ass compositions that will surprise and delight your readers.

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Video Scripting

Adds value to your vision

I create scripts to add impact and support a video presentation in three different areas:

  • Animated Explainer Videos,
  • Face-To-Camera personal presentations, or
  • Short documentary films about your business.

Typically, I’ll build a script from resource materials and, if appropriate, further research to enhance the message you want to deliver. I’m always willing to adapt and edit material after your initial feedback and liaise with you to arrive at a script that perfectly complements the video presentation you foresee working best.

I draft scripts that both support the creative process; for example – helping to construct a storyboard for a client’s approval, and that will enhance the final production; drawing out the key points you wish to present to draw in the viewer.

Copy Editing

Precision engineering at work

Often it’s the little things that can cause the most trouble.  I offer three tiers of service for proofreading and editing draft manuscripts and other hard copy material prior to publication or to examine, update and refresh your online content, whether on a website, for an e-book or for posting via any other digital media.

  • The Healthy Snack – Full proofreading of existing text, correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure
  • The Satisfying Lunch – In addition to the above, recommendations for changes to the layout and construction of existing text to improve both its presentation and engagement
  • Full Gourmet Dinner – specifically for websites: a complete re-writing of text, ideal for clients who know what they want to say, but either just can’t quite find the right words or would like to refresh and update their website’s content.

In all eventualities I will ensure the right words are used to best enhance your message or purpose, whilst also making certain that what you put out there is accurate and well presented.

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Quality Assurance

By ensuring I fully understand what your aims are I successfully deliver the message you want prospective clients to engage with and act on.

The Project Process

Meaningful Preparation
I listen and ensure I fully understand what you are seeking to achieve; provide a Project Brief for your approval and, work having been agreed, a simple one page Contract detailing what’s to be done, how much it will cost and when the work will be completed.

Liaison & Feedback
I liaise with you throughout the writing process, as much or as little as you wish, presenting a first draft composition, ahead of the Contract deadline, for you to review.

Editing and Alterations
Minor changes to a first draft are always included within Contracts as part of the writing process.
I am as flexible as I can be because I want you to have the best possible piece of work
If you have a change of mind, that’s usually not a problem.

An Outstanding Result – and on time !
A schedule for completing the work having been agreed and editing opportunities incorporated in to the process, I meet the deadline and you receive outstanding content that supports and advances your business